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The Kingston Trust CIO (KT) is a registered charitable Trust whose aim is to provide assistance to ileostomists and those with an ileo-anal pouch aged 16 years and over experiencing temporary or long term financial hardship.

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The Kingston Trust was established in 1962 by its co-founder, the late Leslie Kingston MBE, himself an ileostomist, who at this time was the General Secretary and a founder member of the Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Ireland, the former name of IA (the ileostomy and internal pouch support group).

Specialised care for an ileostomist and the attention to the stoma was very limited in the 1950s and it was the Ileostomy Association who shared skill and knowledge to assist the person with how to live with an ileostomy and the management of the ileostomy. Leslie Kingston realised there was an additional need that the Ileostomy Association could not provide at that time. 

The Kingston Trust raised funds to set up four Kingston Homes within the UK to provide residential and recuperative holiday stays where the older person could be looked after with the appropriate care. In the 1980s, Leslie Kingston realised that the Kingston Homes were not the complete answer to the problem he was trying to address. With only four homes in the UK, permanent residents inevitably had to relocate away from friends, family and familiar surroundings and the understandable reluctance of elderly people to relocate meant that the homes could not be utilised to their full capacity. The four homes were subsequently sold and the money raised, together with subsequent legacies and donations, provided the capital base which today supports the operation of the Trust in providing grants for older ileostomists.

Leslie Kingston with Jack Wallace, also an ileostomist, set up an additional Charity in 1972, the Wallace-Kingston Trust, Charity Registration No: 264819, to offer financial assistance to all age groups.  Due to lack of funds, the Charity was closed in 2004 but the concept of assisting the younger person has always been in the forefront of the Trustees’ minds.

In 2017, the Trustees applied to the Charity Commissioners and obtained Charitable Incorporated Organisation status enabling development of the Trust’s remit. The Kingston Old People’s Home Fund for ileostomists, registration No: 205591, has now been closed. The Kingston Trust CIO, registration No.: 1173190, is now able to provide financial support to those in need, who are aged 16 years and over, and have an ileostomy or ileo-anal pouch. The Trust is also able to fund research projects in accordance with its constitution.


Subject to approval by the Trustees, qualifying applicants may request a grant for any purpose (apart from recovery of debts or items already purchased - except in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Trustees).  Examples of some of the grants previously approved include:

beds, washing machines, cookers, bathroom modifications, mobility aids and convalescent breaks






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