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The Kingston Trust

The Kingston Old Peoples Home Fund for Ileostomists.



The Kingston Old Peoples Home Fund for Ileostomists, to give its full name, is a Registered Charity (205591) that was established on 14th March 1962 by Leslie Kingston MBE. At this time Leslie Kingston, himself an Ileostomist, was the General Secretary of the Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (IA), which had been established in 1958 with Professor Bryan Brooke as its president.


Leslie Kingston recognised that elderly ileostomists were disadvantaged in that for example no help was available for persons with arthritis who were unable to change or empty their appliances unaided. Unfortunately the IA did not, at the time, have the resources to provide this kind of help. He therefore established The Kingston Trust which raised funds to set up four Kingston Homes where elderly ileostomists could be looked after with the appropriate care.


Prior to his death in 1990, Leslie Kingston realised that the Kingston Homes were not the complete answer to the problem he was trying to address. This was because, with only four homes in the UK, permanent residents inevitably had to relocate from friends and familiar surroundings; the understandable reluctance of elderly people to relocate meant that the homes could not be utilised to their full capacity. He therefore sold the Kingston Homes and the money raised, together with subsequent legacies and donations, provided the capital base which today supports the operation of the Trust. Additional donations are always welcome and very much appreciated. Please contact The Kingston Trust Secretary for further information.


The investment policy of the Trust is designed to maintain the capital base against inflation in recognition of the fact that elderly Ileostomists will be with us for the foreseeable future. After the deduction of administrative expenses, all income is used "to provide relief for elderly ileostomists in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Charity”.


Prior to 1999, all Charitable Expenditure was directed towards Grant Aid to individuals. This changed when the Trustees agreed that the Trust Deed permitted funds to be used to support research that would benefit elderly ileostomists. Individual applications for assistance still receive priority attention but surplus funds have been used to sponsor research into Long-Term Ostomate Care at the University of Central England and research into the Nutritional Requirements of Elderly Ileostomists at Southampton University. Reports on both these research projects have been presented at IA National Councils.


To qualify for financial assistance from The Kingston Trust, applicants must be aged 50 years or over, a resident of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland and have an ileostomy. The Kingston Trust funds can be used for almost any purpose to help qualifying applicants, subject to approval by the Trustees. Examples of the type of help we are able to give include: beds and bedding, cookers, washing machines, bathroom modifications, house maintenance, mobility aids and convalescent breaks.


The Kingston Trust can be contacted by telephone, e-mail or letter and you can be sure that all enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence. We are here to help, we can help and we want to help.









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